Tribal Sounds Journey | Shamanic Emotional Release – Soundwork

Tribal Sounds Journey | Shamanic Emotional Release

Tribal Sounds Healing Journey | Shamanic Emotional Release

You are able to influence the resonant fields on the physical, emotional and mental being with your voice. You learn to discover and restore blockage in the flow of life. Blockage in the flow of life leads to loss of energy, disharmony in the functioning of the body and unrestful thinking. Even in difficult situations, you keep your head cool and you can make a difference. Tribal sounds, Shamanic Healing Journeys are a powerful support for recovery and wellbeing.

Coen calls himself a “Tribal Coach,” expert in force fields, Binaural beats, Tribal Sounds, ASMR sounds, and resonance awareness within relationships and groups. A Tribal Coach is influenced by original ways of shamanistic communities and creates new techniques that serve, especially the community. “I create Tribal Sounds Healing Journeys for you to explore. It’s a form of meditation with Tribal Sounds, Binaural Beats, ASMR sounds, that guides you entering into a trance state to connect with your subconsciousness. You can access thoughts, feelings, images, associations that help you to clear your mind, recover from trauma, and feel more connected to the flow of life. If you like these Tribal Sounds Shamanic Healing Journeys, join me at Patreon,, and become an active participant to support me in creating a Heart-Centered world, where transformations can take place. ” ~ Coen Tuerlings ~

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You can use Tribal sounds, Shamanic Healing Journeys for

• Deepening your creativity and self-expression with ASMR sounds.

• Developing a sense of personal power, integrity, and authenticity. • Connect to spiritual guidance and support.

• Cultivating a sense of place and purpose in life.

• Developing a personal relationship with regular spiritual practice.

Tribal sounds, Shamanic Healing Journeys can be beneficial for

• Patterns of addiction and codependence.

• Feelings of depression and anxiety.

• Impressions of missing part of memories, experiences.

• A sense of being incomplete or empty inside.

• Feeling disconnected from the flow of life.

Tribal sounds, Shamanic Healing Journeys are powerful support for recovery and wellbeing. Binaural beats Healing Journeys by Coen Tuerlings have their own form, character, and dynamics. Binaural beats Journeys gives you access to the physical and the non-physical, between head and heart, between you and me and the world of the soul. It gives you entrance to ‘the knowing field,’ or as Carl Gustav Jung called it ‘the collective unconscious.’ Where Rupert Sheldrake speaks of a morphogenetic resonance, Coen calls it ‘Tribal Resonance.’ A clear contact with your original resonance in relation to others and the world you live in.

Coen developed various shamanistic techniques such as Binaural beats Healing Journeys, Shamanic ASMR sounds, Tribal sounds, Tribal Coaching, Tribal Warrior, Tribal Circles, Tribal Master, Shaman Voice, and Soundfulness, influenced by indigenous and ritual traditions. These are simple and powerful techniques that stimulate conscious contact with other levels of reality within which transformations can take place.

The information that becomes clear can be a valuable addition to the daily reality level. A supplement that is often not obvious and delivers remarkable results.

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