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Tribal Sounds Journey | Shamanic Emotional Release

Tribal Sounds Healing Journey | Shamanic Emotional Release You are able to influence the resonant fields on the physical, emotional and mental being with your voice. You learn to discover and restore blockage in the flow of life. Blockage in the flow of life leads to loss of energy, disharmony in the functioning of the […]

Not All Grief Comes from Death

The most common occurrence of grief is through the loss of someone we know and love dearly. This kind of loss often comes unexpected and leaves us in a situation that we didn’t think was going to happen, at least not when it did. But, there are types of grieving that happen that don’t have […]

Five Stages of Grief

You have likely heard of the five stages of grief. They are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Each person will go through stages differently and will not necessarily go through them all and can skip some. But getting to these stages is widely believed to lead the way towards recovery. When a tragedy occurs, […]

Does Believing in the Afterlife Help with Grieving?

Many people believe that there is more to life than just our worldly existence. When we leave this world, the belief is that we will all meet up again somewhere in the afterlife. Is this a true belief or is it more of a way to cope with loss? Not everyone believes there is a […]