Take Control of Your Inner Voice

Our inner voice guides us in our journey through life. It tells us when to eat and when to go to work. It also tells us what to think about the people we meet, and so on. But, often enough, it takes a negative stance. That inner voice tells us the world is not safe and that we should criticize everything we encounter. It shouts for us to watch out when trouble is happening to us.

It’s the voice of experience, i.e., your own. In many instances, it can be helpful. But, when it starts to get overly negative, it may be time for us to intervene and alter the tone. We have allowed it to carry on unchecked for many years which means we accept whatever it is saying, even when the message has a negative spin on it.

What many don’t realize is that inner voice can be retrained. The older you are, the more training it may need. But, it is possible. And, it can practically eliminate the negative thoughts that it keeps generating for us.

You can’t blame your inner voice too much for this negativity. After all, it is looking out for our wellbeing. It is using what you have learned over the years as the basis for its stance. Let’s face it. Those experiences haven’t been as rosy as any of us would have liked. Bad experiences notch another negative belief for the inner voice to use whenever it sees the need.

If you force your inner voice to take an about face, it will initially fight you on it. This is to be expected as it has years of experience under its belt. It’s also the reason why most people give up too easily. That inner voice is strong and it will keep reverting to those negative thoughts. And the more changes you try to make the more resistance you will likely face.

This inner voice is often the reason why we don’t have strong self-compassion for ourselves. It tells us way too often that we need to be hard on ourselves and that we need to do better. Part of that message is good. We all can try to do better in life. But, when those messages start to overtake the belief that we are a good person inside, it’s time for us to step up to the plate and take control of our inner voices. You can do it. You are in charge.