Not All Grief Comes from Death

The most common occurrence of grief is through the loss of someone we know and love dearly. This kind of loss often comes unexpected and leaves us in a situation that we didn’t think was going to happen, at least not when it did. But, there are types of grieving that happen that don’t have anything to do with people dying.

Grieving is often associated with major change. Anytime you are put in a situation that is going to affect your life for a long duration, you have the potential to grieve this change. When you lose a large sum of money, this can make it difficult to maintain the lifestyle you were living. You have to make adjustments that are going to be hard for you and your family to accept.

Another non-death grieving situation is when you split up with a spouse or significant other. This could be from a divorce or a breakup. It’s even more difficult when you have items that you have to decide how to divvy up. An even trickier situation is if there are kids involved in the breakup. They can have a difficult time understanding why it happened and often blame themselves for the circumstance.

Although many pets leave us when they die, there are situations when you must part with a pet due to unforeseen circumstances. Perhaps you had to move to an area that does not accept pets.

Or you may get into a relationship where your partner is allergic to pets. Whatever the circumstance, the pet is not going away due to death. It still can be a very difficult emotional time that causes grief.

Traumatic experiences can cause grief as well. Abuse is a major contributor to this and can have a lifetime of devastating effects.

When people are abused, especially children, they often need to cope with it using some form of therapy. The abuse has been a part of their life for far too long to let it run its course. Abusers often become abusers themselves if they don’t find ways to deal with the situation. Because it is part of their life, it’s how they believe life is supposed to be.

People don’t always look at these situations as ones which can cause grief. However, they are real and need to be dealt with much the same way as losing a person to death.