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Top Reasons to Meditate

Does your mind chatter or talk almost nonstop at you? This is something that millions of people are dealing with. This chatter can literally drive you crazy and make your stress levels reach new peaks. One of the best ways to deal with this mind chatter is to start incorporating meditation in your life. Meditation […]


Benefits of Meditation

As you are aware there are several ways you can meditate. While each method may have different benefits, we will take a look at the overall benefits of meditation in general. How Meditation Affects Your Brain It is so easy to stress out your brain these days. You are busy at work, you have a […]


Meditation for Stress

There is no doubt that stress is a huge issue for thousands of people today. In fact stress is often referred to as the silent killer. It can creep up on you and take hold of your life in devastating ways. If you are dealing with stress in any way, it could be to your […]


3 Simple Steps to Reprogram Your Mind

It is a known fact that our minds, more specifically our subconscious minds, control our lives. We are what we think or believe. Research has shown that there is a mind-body connection and that the mind can help us overcome health problems. There are many ways to reprogram your mind: NLP, hypnosis, visualization, EFT, havening, […]


Top 8 Tips for Beating Brain Fog

Brain fog is like trying to think of something but you can’t quite grasp what it is. You know it’s something you DO know but just can’t quite get it to come to the surface. It can feel like your thought processes are all gummed up, slow thinking and hard to remember things. Doing normal […]


Mastering Your Mindset for 2018

You want success, but you’re not sure what the key is to getting there. It ís actually quite simple. It ís your mindset. Your mindset is the attitude that you have toward something. And your mindset is the deciding factor in whether or not you’ll actually achieve the success that you’re looking for. You can […]